The Low FODMAP Diet as treatment for IBS

The Low FODMAP Diet is an excellent treatment plan proven to alleviate IBS symptoms in patients. In fact, our research suggests that 3 in 4 patients with IBS experience symptom relief from following a low FODMAP diet – and that these positive effects can be maintained in the long term.

How the Low FODMAP Diet works

The Low FODMAP Diet is designed for people with IBS to follow strictly for 2-6 weeks until symptoms resolve. After this period, you'll work with your patient to gently reintroduce foods to determine individual tolerances to FODMAPs contained in certain foods.

The Monash University Low FODMAP Diet app™ is a useful resource to help you advise your patients on their diet. Alternatively, the Low FODMAP Diet Guide is another great tool that can help you make recommendations to your IBS patients.


FODMAP education

Monash offers useful resources to help your IBS patients:

  • If you're a dietitian or healthcare professional, consider completing our online training course - recognised by international dietetic associations.
  • Our user-friendly app provides comprehensive and practical advice that's helpful to dietitians and IBS patients alike.

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