There are many treatment approaches to IBS, but diet and lifestyle changes are in many people the best option for long-term relief of symptoms.

There are now many scientific studies that have shown how effective a FODMAP diet;or psychological therapies can be for IBS symptoms.

Other treatments include medications, fibre supplements and probiotics. Speak to your healthcare provider for advice about which IBS treatments are right for you.

Psychological therapies

Therapies such as gut-directed hypnotherapy or cognitive behaviour therapy are effective for IBS. They aim to use the brain’s connections to the gut to make it less sensitive (reducing pain and bloating) or improve how it moves (improving diarrhea and/or constipation).

IBS Medications

Medications are sometimes recommended to help treat people's IBS symptoms. Which medications are chosen will depend on the type of IBS symptoms, but some examples include:

  • laxatives for relief of constipation
  • anti-diarrheal medications to relieve chronic diarrhoea
  • anti-spasmodic medications to assist in relieving abdominal pain and cramps, and
  • anti-depressant medication to help with pain

Speak to your healthcare provider for further advice about IBS medications.

If you suspect you have IBS or regularly experience unacceptable gut symptoms please see your doctor or healthcare provider