Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a very common condition that affects how the gut moves and functions. It is characterized by abdominal symptoms such as abdominal pain, altered bowel habits, bloating and flatulence. These can occur on most or every day of the week over at least several months. 

It is not known what causes IBS, but several factors may trigger symptoms. Food is one of those triggers and this is why diet therapy is a good way to treat symptoms - and the most effective diet therapy is a 3-Step FODMAP diet.

The Monash University FODMAP Diet app is your best friend when learning how to follow a FODMAP diet

It offers:

  • Tutorials on how to follow a 3-Step FODMAP diet
  • Access to the largest database of FODMAP-tested foods and products in the world
  • > 70 recipes to suit any time of your day - alternatively see our blog for the largest range of recipes
  • A diary to track your progress and symptoms
  • The function to set filters to meet your personal dietary needs, and
  • Much more.
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If you suspect you have IBS or regularly experience unacceptable gut symptoms please see your doctor or healthcare provider