Who can apply?

This program is suited for recipe developers publishing recipes for cookbooks, websites and other platforms, and for the food service and catering industry (including restaurants, cafes and meal delivery services). Anyone from around the world can apply.

How to get recipes certified

Follow these steps to get your recipes certified (note: a minimum of 10 recipes must be submitted).

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recipe certification flowchart

Have any questions?

Contact the certification team at certification@monashfodmap.com for support and advice on how to get your recipes certified.

Recipe Certification Program FAQs

What are the fees involved with certifying recipes?

The following fees apply to certify a recipe:

  • Assessment fee
  • Annual licence fee

An assessment fee covers the review and confirmation on whether recipes meet the low FODMAP criteria. An annual licence fee will apply to join the program and claim recipes as being Monash certified.

Both the assessment and annual licence fees applicable will depend on the number of recipes (note: a minimum of 10 recipes is required). Please contact us at certification@monashfodmap.com with your details and to request a quote.

How long does it take to complete the recipe certification process?

This will depend on how many recipes are applying for certification and their complexity. A minimum of 10 recipes is required to apply for our program.

As a general guide, for 10 recipes, it can take approximately 5 to 7 weeks to complete the certification process. Note that these figures are an estimate only and rely on each step of the certification process being fulfilled in a timely manner.

What do I need to submit in order to have my recipes assessed?

For each recipe, you will need to provide the full list of ingredients and their amounts (in grams or ounces), recipe serve size, preparation and cooking instructions, plus any tips or ingredient variations that may be provided or used. Clarification on whether the recipe is to be consumed as its own meal or combined with other foods or recipes will also be required.

Recipes can be submitted in Word, Excel or PDF format.

What ingredients can I use if I want to have my recipes Monash certified?

In order to properly assess your recipes, you must only use ingredients that have been tested by the Monash team and which are listed in the Monash FODMAP App.

My recipe requires complex processing or preparation methods. Will my recipe be able to be assessed to confirm low FODMAP compliance?

If your recipe requires additional or specific steps in order to reduce the FODMAP content, we will be unable to complete a recipe assessment. This is because these steps will impact on the FODMAP content of the final cooked food the recipe is creating. The only way the FODMAP content can be confirmed for these types of recipes is to laboratory test samples (see product certification).

Examples of additional processing include: proofing/proving, fermenting or pickling, sprouting, etc.

If you are unsure whether your recipe can be submitted for assessment, please contact us at certification@monashfodmap.com for assistance.

Do you certify meals that are delivered directly to customers?

Yes, home delivered fresh or frozen meals, or ingredient boxes that are made up according to a recipe, can be certified under our recipe certification program. An experienced dietitian will assess the meals based on the written recipes using our in-house FODMAP calculator which has been developed over many years of research and food testing.

What if my recipes or delivered meals have variable ingredients based on seasonal availability?

We understand that some ingredients may not be readily available due to seasonal availability, supplier issues and so on. We therefore can assess and approve variable versions of a recipe. Please provide your variations with the standard or base recipe when submitting recipes for assessment.

Depending on the complexity and extent of the variation, a recipe variation may be considered its own recipe and the standard assessment fee may apply.

What happens if I need to change my certified recipe?

If you need to modify a recipe that has already been approved, please email us at certification@monashfodmap.com with the changes for assessment (note an assessment fee may apply).

I am using a Monash certified product in a recipe. Can this recipe claim to be Monash certified?

No, only recipes that have been submitted and approved under our recipe certification program can claim to be Monash certified and use the Monash trademarks.